The Legacy

Konyak Tea is firmly rooted in innovation as it owes its genesis to the Late P.C. Borooah, a pioneer tea-planter of Assam who went on to fight for India’s freedom and represent his people in Parliament. The first tea garden established by P. C. Borooah was Sundarpur in 1925. Despite being difficult to access, P.C. Borooah travelled to his fledgling project by foot, bicycle and bullock cart and gradually nurtured the young plantation till it flourished. Other gardens were established and in 1975, the reins were handed over to his son J.K. Borooah who continued to grow what is today Baruanagar Tea Estate Private Limited, a company which grows, processes, packages and sells quality teas nationally and internationally.

The garden which started it all, the Sundarpur Tea Estate, continues to be regarded as one of the best in the country, producing some 1.5 million kilograms of tea annually. It has also received several awards from the Tea Board of India for its quality and yield.

Why Konyak

Why should you buy Konyak Tea when there are so many other options?

Here are a few things that make our teas truly special:

  • The best quality leaves from the best gardens in Assam
  • The best blends created by skilled tea-tasters from the world over
  • World-class packaging that retains freshness
  • Value for money pricing
Mission & Vision


Konyak Tea wishes to be the leading tea in India by living upto its promise of ‘Dumdaar quality, sahi price’ which epitomises its commitment to providing excellent value for money.


To set new standards in the tea segment in India and abroad with Assam tea that is high on quality while being reasonably priced.

Konyak Tea is a premium brand of Assam tea from the house of Baruanagar Tea Estate Private Limited which boasts of a legacy of more than eight decades of commitment to and excellence in tea.

The name that is truly inspired

Konyak Tea takes its name from the Naga tribe Konyak: a people of fascinating culture who live both in the old and the new, melding tradition with modern life. Konyak Tea stands for similar values: the goodness of nature and the power of technology.

The flavour of quality the world over

Konyak Tea owes its superior quality to the pool of experienced tea-tasters who carefully select the right tea blends. Our tea-tasters come from around the world and our commitment to excellence has made Konyak Tea travel the world. Discerning tea drinkers in India, Japan and Germany have already made Konyak Tea a part of their lives and our expansion plans include winning over hearts, minds and taste buds everywhere.